Are There Any Problems Records In The FileMaker Found Set?

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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As you might now, I’ve got a FileMaker based quiz product out there called InBizness Quiz - FileMaker Edition. I have two files in this solution, one is my workshop and one is the public version. In my public version, I have almost 300 different questions for users to try and conquer. In my workshop copy, I have another 800 questions or so that I’m tweaking, editing and then partially posting every day.

I wrote a script that will allow me to quickly post a found set of workshop questions to the online resource. I built a subroutine in the system to find any records that might be a problem before I post the found set. This is like an automated double check in case my caffeine levels are dangerously low. My goals were to show all the potentially problem records in a found set, deal with them and then move on towards the batch upload.

Here you can see the script I built and the error capture subroutine is highlighted in blue. By pulling up a new window, I have a duplicate of the found set that I’m wanting to post. I do a constrain find to locate any problem records. If I find some, I give myself a message alert and then clean them up these records in the new window. When done, I close that window and try to do the batch upload again. If no errors were found, my batch just runs!

Nothing too spectacular but I thought I’d share this example of checking your batches in a new window before execution.
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