FileMaker 12 Book Recommendations

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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Have been using the information about Filemaker on your blog with great success. I know you're not consulting, but was wondering if you could recommend a good FileMaker Pro book.

I designed a simple database many years ago to track my expenses on the farm where I work and it now needs to be ported over to Filemaker 12. (I was still using Filemaker 4.0 on a very old Mac) just need a good reference book, especially about scripting and relationships.

There was a time where I consumed every FileMaker book that came out. Sure there was always some duplicated content (a lot of duplicated content actually) but I enjoyed the different perspective each author would share with the reader. I've only glanced through two of the FileMaker 12 books and would recommend each of them. I purchased the Kindle versions and have them on my iPad. This has become a great way to store dozens of partially read books. That almost sounds like a fun blog post to write, review of all my half read Kindle books.

FileMaker 12: The Missing Manual

Probably your best bet at this stage, well written and covers a lot of ground.

FileMaker 12 Developers Reference

Designed primarily as a reference but still a good read if you wanted to go from page to page.

There is also a FileMaker 12 In Depth book and a FileMaker 12 Absolute Beginners Guide, both look interesting. The last offering isn't out yet according to Amazon but I'd keep it on  your wish list. You might also want to check out the FileMaker 12 video offerings from and

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