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Nothing ground breaking here but I wanted to share how a looping script, set error capture and validation have to be tweaked properly to work in concert correctly.

I just imported 1,200 + questions that I used in a crossword related quiz product I was producing. These questions will need to be edited because they have only one answer, the one you put into the crossword. A quiz record needs to have multiple possible answers and then an indicator of which one is the correct answer. So when I imported the data, I imported the correct answer for all the records into the answer A field. So I had over 1,200 questions that all had the answer A as the correct choice.

I wrote a script to help with this cleanup process. Basically, I wanted to shuffle the answer from the crossword into either answer A, answer B, answer C or answer D position. The table does have validation set up for me to enter in the difficulty level of the question. The current version of the quiz doesn’t have a difficulty selection option but will in the next release. In fact, it might already be there by the time you read this.

I also had turned on the Set Error Capture and I really don’t know why. Anyway, because of the validation in the table and the Set Error Capture On setting, if I didn’t commit the record before the Go To Next Record command, it simply didn’t go to that record. I had placed the Commit Record step on each step except for when I passed over the first answer A option.

When my script was done the first time, everything looked great. Quickly I realized I had zero answer A options because my Go To Next Record wasn’t firing due to the validation / Set Error Capture combination settings. The quick addition of the Commit Records step in the pass over for answer A fixed the problem.

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