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I'm a novice FileMaker Pro (v8.5/Mac) user, and I was wondering if you might be able to shed some light on my current predicament. I wish to send some e-mails, with addresses already in FMP. There is already a button that opens up Mail and has the e-mail address already in the "To:" field. Now, I have to send about 6400 e-mails (which I don't mind doing each one by one) but I wish to have their first name, as well as a message to them. I know I can select a field, and insert it into either the subject or the message box, but it won't let me add both. I hope that there is some way to have this work, but I am just too inexperienced to solve it.

So, a little simpler:
To: "Applicants::GEN.EMAIL"*
Subject: "My Subject"
Message: "Dear 'Applicants::GEN.FNAME'* , return return 'My Message' "

*these are the cell values in my layout. I basically just need help with having a greeting, their name (it would change with each record) and then my message.

Much appreciated for at least reading this, and I hope to hear back from you!

Oh, you are so close to answering this one on your own! You can insert a field into the subject and message ... and ... you can use a calculated value! So you can concatenate any number of fields and literal text strings to craft a unique message to each recipient.

Here you can see the specify calculation option off to the side of the setting for key email information in the Send Email script step.

Here you can see your message as it would appear as a calculated result for the message.

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