Quick Tip: Multiple Inspectors In FileMaker Layout Design

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BTW UPDATE ... Look down into the comments on this article! Paul Howard adds some tips of his own. Very cool!

When you are in FileMaker layout mode, the “Inspector” is a floating palette of design options and is broken into the three tabs of Position, Appearance and Data. Back when the Inspector was introduced, it caused some pain to developers because FileMaker removed many of the associated menu commands. Time has gone by now and developers adapted, just like they always do.

Still, using the Inspector can be a bit of a velocity drag in FileMaker design. One thing that is a challenge is constantly switching from one tab to another during a simple layout design session.

Putting a field on a layout for example can have a FileMaker developer,

- switching to the Position tab to assign a tool tip
- switching to the Appearance tab to add style to the button text label
- switching to the Data tab to add a pop down value list

and this routine can repeat itself multiple times during an average design day.

Now one way that might help alleviate the tab pain is opening multiple inspectors. This can be down from under the View menu in layout mode and selecing "New Inspector". This way you can have three inspectors ready with each of them on a different tab. This works best if you have multiple monitors and can put your three inspectors on a screen other than your FileMaker layout design screen.


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