A READER ASKS: FileMaker Text To XML And Illegal Characters

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I created a calculation field in FileMaker that concatenates multiple fields into one text string that is suitable for ingestion into InDesign for our typesetting department. Things went fine for awhile but they are complaining that the XML is broke because of an ampersand character?

I'm not quite sure what to do next?

Yep, I had that happen to me as well. There is a great article that covers XML and how to escape these troublesome characters, here is a link http://www.xmlnews.org/docs/xml-basics.html  .

I wrote a custom function to handle this for me using the following calc,


name = Substitute ( “the field to fix” ; "&" ; "&" );
name = Substitute ( name; "<" ; "&lt;;" );
name = Substitute ( name ; ">" ; "&gt;;" );
name = Substitute ( name ; "'" ; "&apos;;" )



Then I looked at briandunning.com just to see if there was already a custom function out there. There is at least one named EscapeXML ( http://www.briandunning.com/cf/1332 ), ironically the same troublesome characters are substituted on brians page. If you look down into the comments area, you can see that Ibrahim includes the proper calculation down there.

Hope that helps!

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