Writing A Script For Show FileMaker Custom Dialog Box Branching

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The Show Custom Dialog Box step allows the developer to script a message dialog box to come up on independent of the FileMaker screen and has many features such as ...

- the ability to show a customized title and message
- the ability to add data into three possible fields
- the ability to include three buttons that branch a script accordingly

Other features include the ability to use literal text or a calculation to show the dialog box title, the dialog box main message and the labels for the input fields.

Writing Show Message script branching is as easy as falling off a log, once you have done it a time or two. Basically, you create a script that branches in 3 possible directions depending on what ScriptMaker sees returned from the Get(LastMessageChoice) function. Here is an example of a branching script based upon what a user selects from a dialog box.

Show Message ["Here is what it looks like."]

If ["Get(LastMessageChoice) = 1 "]


If ["Get(LastMessageChoice) = 2 "]


If ["Get(LastMessageChoice) = 3 "]

End If
End If
End If

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But wait, there is more ...

Looking for some more info about Show Custom Dialog? Check out this YouTube video from the good folks at Skeleton Key (Chad Adams specifically) on Custom Dialogs. It is about 6 minutes long and does a delightful job of showing some of the particular aspects (good and bad) about the Show Custom Dialog script step in use. The video never jumps into creating a custom dialog from scratch. Instead, it focuses upon seven different points about the largely undocumented aspects of custom dialog box design.

Here is a link to the video and thank you Chad / Skeleton Key for this putting this together and sharing it with everyone! By the way, wouldn’t SkeletonTube be a cool name for a video sharing service as well?


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