A READER ASKS: FileMaker 12 Images Look Awful On Windows 7

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I created a FileMaker database that allows users in my office to view images and/or PDFs to facilitate an approval process for content we produce. We have a mixed network of Macs and Windows 7 machines. I develop on a Macintosh. I thought everything was working great until I got reports that come of the images look awful on Windows 7 user machines.


If the file in the container field is a PDF, the user is on a Windows 7 machine and the container field setting is for image optimization, the resulting image may look bad. On the very same setup on a Macintosh, it will look just fine. The key resolution I have found is in the "Optimize For" setting. This can be found by clicking on the container field in layout mode and accessing the "Data" tab in the Inspector.

Since you have a mixed bag of image or pdf data in that field, you will need to resolve the optimization setting for the data type at hand. I'm sure there are many ways to go about this but the most direct would probably be the use of the OnRecordLoad script trigger. The idea is that using the GetAsText function on the container and a tiny bit of parsing, you can detect what file type has been loaded into the field. I would put the container field into a tab object with the container field in both tab areas with the optimization setting different for each. Give each tab in the object a name that refers to that optimization type for that field (Image, PDF). Wrapping it all up, you can have a script go to the correct tab based upon the detected container data field type and have it automatically trigger when a record loads.

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