A READER ASKS: Users Prompted For FileMaker Passwords Again And Again

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I created some FileMaker databases to help me with my job and they work great! About a year ago, we purchased FileMaker Server and my databases are being used by the entire workgroup. I'm getting reports from just a couple users that they are having to enter their passwords multiple times to access FMP. It is just those two people and the problem comes and goes. Any ideas?

I've seen this happen with users that really embrace the FileMaker snapshot link feature. I have some users in which their primary daily experience with FileMaker is completely snapshot link driven. What they do is double click a link sent to them or they made, do their work and then close the window. Since it is the only window open, it closes the entire file. So when they click the next snapshot link, they are prompted for credentials again.

Most of this pattern appears to be the Macintosh users, oddly enough and use of the Keychain can help here. In my case, I used the LastWindowClose script trigger and a script to detect if it is the only window open for the file. If so, I minimize the window instead of closing it. Seems to fix the problem for my users and you might want to give that a try.

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