SIMPLE FILEMAKER ExecuteSQL - Getting An Unlinked Email Address

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There is a lot of great information out there on the FileMaker 12 ExecuteSQL function but I haven't come across anything in a recipe book format (like the old Visual QuickStart Guides of yesteryear). I'm not up for anything that ambitious on my own but I thought I'd try to got down little example snippets when I can.

Say that you are creating an APPROVALS database, something that has a document in a container field and multiple fields that hold the names of team members based on their approval role for the document.

Next to each name field, they want a small field that can be used to directly email that person. None of the fields are actually linked via a relationship to the STAFF table that holds their email addresses. You can actually do this without any relationships or any scripts. Here is a quick little ExecuteSQL snippet that will allow you to pull the email address from the staff table.

ExecuteSQL (
"SELECT Email_Address
FROM Staff
WHERE Full_LastFirst = ?"
""; "" ; APPROVALSHEET::roundOwner )

Only the last string needs to be changed for each button to match the team member field to which it is associated. A very small amount of coding for a fairly advanced feature and the ExecuteSQL is the key enabler.  


Most developers would try to accommodate this requirement in a portal that can hold an almost unlimited amount of team members and have them associated with a STAFF table. For the sake of this example, lets say that the requirements for the solution and/or the project stakeholders do not want to go the portal route. They want ten name fields that are available from pull down menus for the various roles of an approval table.

You probably would want to script the send email function to accommodate customized messages, error conditions such as empty name or perhaps where an email address is not available for a person in the staff table.

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