FileMaker's Allow User Abort Script Step

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This is one of the more important script steps in regards to running a script in a highly controlled manner. The Allow User Abort script step either allows or does not allow the end user to cancel out of a script that is current running.

During the development process, you will likely want to allow the ability to abort a script. During the times of regular operation, there are times that the integrity of the database can be damaged if a script is not allowed to run it's complete course.

FileMaker has a keyboard shortcut for both Macintosh and Windows machines to get you out of a running script. Depending on what happens if a script gets terminated sometime after it started, this step allows you to control if the end user can or cannot cancel the running script.

There are also scripts that pause for user interaction, like entering in key data before the remainder of a script runs. It’s possible that the integrity of the information within the database might be harmed is the script is not allowed to fully carry out it’s task.

FYI... If you have a long script that you will not allow the user to exit from, warn them first. The best way to do this is using another FileMaker script step called Show Message. You can warn the user that the script may take a long time to run and allow them to abort it's execution BEFORE it gets started.

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