A READER ASKS: Disappearing Records In List View

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We keep an auxiliary DB for wine/winery info and reviews for our different products. Recently we've started having sporadic problems with items in the DB that do not show up once a script is initiated to sort the data. It seems to be the problem seems to be expanding to more than one item and I'm wondering if there is a way to rebuild a FM DB. Any ideas for me?

It sounds like you are seeing the “feature” of FileMaker 10 called persistent sort order. What happens is that if you sort a list and then add a new record, that record is sorted along with the rest as soon as you are finished with it. This means the record can immediately be placed somewhere in the listed entries where you cannot see it. It appears to have disappeared but that isn’t the case.

If this isn’t the situation for you, then we should take a look at the file and see what we can do about troubleshooting / repairing it for you.
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