A READER ASKS: How to reset FileMaker calculation field?

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Wondering if you might have a quick answer to my question

I have about 4000+ records that I have monthly forecast fields that calculate a result using entries of two different fields (quantity- & unit price field).

In order to make the overview less crowded I just decided to add "/1000" to the end of the existing formula of each field (each month). I thought that this was an easy fix to eliminate long $ numbers in my annual layout but had to realize that none of the calculated $ numbers show up unless I go and retype at least the quantity field used to calculate the $ field.

Your suggestion on where to find info or how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank YOU

It sounds like you have an “auto enter by calculated value” field setup and not a calculation field. A calculation field would automatically update where the former would not. There is an easy solution to the problem, however there isn’t any “undo” available if things go awry.

1) Backup the database, just in case there is a mistake made in the process.

2) Insert the cursor into one of the fields that is used in the calculation

3) Use the “Replace” command under the Records menu.

This command is used to replace the contents of a field in all records of the current found set. You can exchange the fields contents with a data string, an incremental serial number string or a calculated result.

4) You will want to replace the field with a calculated result. The calculated value is simply the same field. Essentially, you are replacing the contents with the contents that are already there. For example, I have a field called Blog. I will replace the contents of “Blog” with the calculated results of the field Blog. This will trigger the calculation to reevaluate itself and give you the desired results.

Again, I cannot stress enough that you must perform this on a backup of the file because there is NO UNDO option for the Replace command.