FILEMAKER: Click And Hold On The Find Button In The FileMaker 10 Status Bar

From Dwayne Wright PMP
Certified FileMaker Developer

TWITTER: dwaynewright
YOUTUBE: FileMakerThoughts

I have a problem sometimes when I’m introduced to a new version of FileMaker. A virtual hamster in my mind jumps upon a wheel when a new feature is explained and then thoughts start whirling around at a record pace. During these frenzied moments, I sometimes miss some of the most simple and elegant features that are being explained to me. In this case, it is a small twist with the Find button in the FileMaker 10 status bar. Literally today, I noticed the small down arrow next to the icon for the first time!

So instead of simply mashing the poor button down in the brutish manner I tend to, I clicked and held the mouse button down. To my amazement, a long list of find related features appeared including the ability to modify the last find, save a find, edit saved finds, my list of saved finds and listing of recent finds.