Duplicating A FileMaker Sub-Summary Report

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I have to admit, I almost never use the report assistant to create my reports. I tend to create them from blank layouts or duplicate/tweak an existing report for my needs. Duplicating an existing report can be quite a time saver and I do it all the time when I add new reports to my InBizness SOHO product.

For example, today I added a client marketing crosstab report and it took just a few minutes and I didn’t even have an existing crosstab report to duplicate. A crosstab report is a report that summarizes values in both rows and columns. My new report can be used my the marketing department to get an overall idea of client activity ranging from campaigns, proposals, quotes, sales orders, invoices and invoice totals.

To create this report, I went to an existing client subsummary report and duplicated it. I didn’t need the subsummary layout parts, so I deleted all but one of them and converted the other to a body layout part. I then remapped the fields on the layout to be the ones I wanted and the report layout was done. Well, it we done after I gave the layout its new name and moved it into position in the overall layout order.

Next, I have one main report that I use for all my client module reports and each report is separated by a script parameter. I copied and pasted a group of script steps that mostly resembled the ones I would need. I then updated that set of script steps and gave it a new script parameter trigger. So now my script for the new report was done.

Next, I went to my custom menu and I have a custom menu for all my client reports. I duplicated one, tweaked it to use my new script parameter and my custom menu was done.

Next I ran the report and saw one thing I wanted to tweak from the layout and one for the script. A couple minutes later, my entire new report was done!

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