Nested Subsummaries In A FileMaker Report

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We have discussed how important and versatile subsummary layout parts can be in a FileMaker report layout. As with most things that are powerful and versatile, subsummary layout parts can be nested within each other. So you can have a sorted set of records within a sorted set of records and present that information in a way to best illustrate what is going on within a database.

I cannot think of a better way to illustrate this idea, than a report that breaks down sales by year and then by each month within that year.

In a case such as this, you would sort the found set of records by the year of the sale. Then you would sort those records by the month, so your records are prepped for your illustration of the data in the report. Then you stack the subsummary layout parts the exact same way with the primary sort setting on top.

Here you can see a snapshot of the layout for the above report.

Here is an alternate way to see the layout parts in order by using the Part Setup dialog box, from under the Layout menu in layout mode.
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