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In previous discussions, we have covered sub-summary reports and how they have to be sorted by a break field. Within my InBizness SOHO product, I have a report that shows the sales broken down by the clients state. I recently added a new version of this report that sorts the same information by the highest sum total of invoices based upon the state.

Here you can see a portion of the report in print preview. Notice how the report is sorted by the state abbreviation.

You might find it interesting to note that you can add ranking to this report with the click of a check box in the sort dialog box.

Here you can see a portion of the revised report with ranking in print preview. Notice how the report is sorted by the total dollar amount of sales.

The secret special sauce in report ranking is a check box labeled “Reorder based on summary field” and its companion specification of which summary field you want to use. This small little tweak in the sort dialog box does this amazing thing and it is quite easy to incorporate into your scripts.

Here you can see how I tweaked my report custom menu to allow for a regular report and the ranking one. These two menu commands use the same layout and the same script, just has a different script parameter attached to the custom menu.

Here you can see that I branch the script based upon a parameter. I could condense these down to use all the same steps except the Sort. I just did is this way so it would be easier to read for those customers that purchase my InBizness SOHO product.

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