The FileMaker List Function In Reporting

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Obviously, data appearing in a list is critical in any sort of reporting operation. We have discussed at length some of the layout design options for building reports but I want to introduce a different way of reporting. Some reports can be contained within a text string by using the LIST function.

The syntax of the list function is List ( field {; field...} ) and it was introduced with the release of FileMaker 8.5 and it will return a text base result.

The list function will provide you a return-delimited data list from one or more related data field(s) or a repeating field(s). For the most part, this function is used for gathering related data in one large block and then using it for correspondence. For example, a list of related invoices in which you want to include in a batch email to each client in a found set. It is also possible that you would use the list function to pull a collection of related data as a list and then parse it out by using some of the value related text functions.

Now you might be wondering about the connection between correspondence and reporting? What a minute, let it sink in, of course! A report that isn’t communicated isn’t much of a report and it is often included within the correspondence between work group members. Sure you can include pdf documents in your correspondence but what about the raw power of including the information within the email or the letter itself?
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