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By now you are probably comfortable creating layouts and you may have dozens of newly created layouts within your FileMaker file. By default, all new FileMaker layouts are added to the bottom of the existing layout list. Unless you really did create the layouts in the same order you wanted to view them, you will want to organize them in a new list order. This is particularly true if you have a large collection of layouts that are linked to different table occurrences.

The reorganization of layouts is available from a menu command under the Layout menu in Layout mode. This is true for all versions of FileMaker previous to version 10.

The Set Layout Order feature that had been under the layouts menu (previous to FileMaker 10) has been been moved and renamed to the Manage Layout command. The new Manage Layout feature is part of the overall family of commands under the Manage menu.

Here you can see the Manage sub-menu for advanced copy of FileMaker 10. This contains the new option of layouts alongside the options for the manage database dialog box (for tables, fields and relationships), the value list definition dialog box, scripts, external file references and the security settings for the file. Since this is a snapshot of the Advanced copy of FileMaker 9, it includes the Custom Function and Custom Menu option.

When you choose to reorder (FMP9) or the manage (FMP10) layout option, FileMaker will bring up a dialog box allowing you to move layouts up and down the layout list for organizational reasons. For instance you can group all the data entry layouts together and then all the list layouts together. The actual process of reordering the layouts is accomplished by clicking a small double arrow handle and dragging the listed layout to its desired spot in the order.

Here you can see a layout list from the FileMaker 10 status bar.

In the status bar (FMP10) or status area (FMP9), you will find a list that allows you to jump to a particular layout. In this same general area of the manage layout dialog box as the reorder handle, is a checkbox that allows you to show or hide the layout in the layout list in browse mode. If you are not using the layout menu for navigation, it is probably a good idea to hide all the layouts from browse mode.

Finally, you also have the ability to jump to a layout in the layout list by selecting it and then clicking the Layout Setup button.
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