A READER ASKS: Cross Platform Labels

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A READER ASKS: I design FileMaker databases using a Macintosh and I have users of my databases that use Windows based computers. When I make changes to the database, may of the field labels on the machines running Windows look clipped but look find on the Macintosh. What am I doing wrong?

DWAYNE RESPONDS: Great question! You are not doing anything wrong, this is what we would call expected behavior. FileMaker is one of the most trouble free cross platform software products on the planet but there are still a few gotchas that can come up. In this case, the Macintosh draws images on a screen differently than Windows and this requires you to add a little extra room to your layout object text. So make the overall size of your text labels a little bit bigger than then need to be on your Macintosh and they should look dandy for your Windows users.

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