The FileMaker Format Painter Tool

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
Certified FileMaker Developer

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Introduced with FileMaker 6, this feature is widely unknown and unused by FileMaker developers of every experience level. The Format Painter Tool is designed to copy and paste layout formatting attributes.

The way it works is that you select a layout element that has the formatting attributes you want to use. Say a field with bold, underlined, red text ... typical for a flagging a piece of text for enhanced visual attention.

You would go into layout mode, select the object with the formatting you want and choose the Format Painter from under the format menu. You cursor will turn into a paint brush, you then click on the layout objects you want to change and they will.

If you use FileMaker toolbars, the format painter button can be found there and can be more useful than the menu command counterpart. Many times you would not use the format painter for just one operation but if you have dozen or so objects on the layout you wan to color, the format painter tool can come in quite handy.

Here is an enlarged view of the format painter paint brush that the cursor turns into.

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