Adding Images On A FileMaker Layout

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Images can be used for a number of purposes on a FileMaker layout but the most common purpose would be creating unique buttons. Traditional buttons created with FileMakers buttonmaker are fast, flexible and attractive. However, you might want an icon that resembles its purpose like an envelope image for a button that sends email.

In most cases, if you want to add an image to a layout, you will want to use the Insert Picture from the Insert menu. You can copy and paste images as well but I’ve had some cross platform compatibility problems with this method.

Now you might have a yearning to add an extensive number of large images to your FileMaker layout and you might want to reconsider that. Although FileMaker is pretty nimble when displaying images, a large number of big images on a layout could slow performance to a level you are not comfortable with. Another thing, too much of a good thing on any FileMaker layout can be distracting and confuse your database user.

By the way, talking about placing images on a layout, a neat technique for Macintosh users is drag and drop images from a hard drive. The first time I saw this, it was shown by Matt Petrowski of ISO Productions at a FileMaker Developer Conference (a very long time ago).

Basically, you can drag an image from a FileMaker layout to the desktop and it will create a picture clipping file. You can name this file anything you want and place it where ever you want on your hard drive. If you want to add it to another layout, you simply drag it to that layout while in layout mode. Another cool aspect is that it will retain any button actions or tool tip information assigned to it!


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