The No Anchor Approach To A FileMaker Layout Object

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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We have discussed the details of setting the anchors in the Object Info Palette in FileMaker 9. I realize now that I didn’t mention what happens if you click no anchors at all or do not click any of the pairs (up/down or left/right). Personally, I’ve never created a layout object that did not have a vertical and horizontal anchor. So I’m speaking from observation only and there may be some features to the No Anchor approach that I’m not aware of. Anyway, here goes ....

If you have no Object Info palette anchors selected at all, the object(s) will try to stay in the middle of the window. So it will be in the middle in reference to top and bottom and centered left to right.

Hey, look mom, no anchors!

The next two options do take into account where the object is on the screen. So let us say the object is flush with the top left corner. If you disable the pair of vertical anchors (up/down), the objects will try to stay in the vertical middle of the screen. If you disable the pair of horizontal anchors (left/right), the objects will try to stay in the horizontal middle of the screen.

If the object is not in the top left corner, FileMaker seems to try and split the difference with you. Again, I’ve never tried to use a no anchor approach in the real world, so I’d be interested in any comments a reader may have on the topic.
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