Alternatives To The FileMaker Layout Tool Area

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
Certified FileMaker Developer

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The FileMaker tool area is a fantastic resource for creating the layout experience for your FileMaker users. However, it is not a requirement in all situations. You can duplicate existing objects on a layout and edit them. Say you have a collection of fields for shipping address information and you want to create similar fields for billing address information. You can simply select all the shipping fields, duplicate them, move the duplicated fields to the desired area on the layout and then redefine each field to use its billing field counterpart. A much faster and reliable method that continually clicking the field tool, dragging to the layout, defining the field to use and repeating that process for each field you need.

If you have a number of fields that have associated value lists, duplicating them can allow you to automatically have the same linked value list as its counterpart.

The same can be true for tab panels on a layout. Say you have a tab panel and you now see that you want to added a tab panel within it. So you will have a nested tab panel. You want the nested tab panel to have the same look and feel as the tab panel it is enclosed within. You an duplicate the main tab panel, add the new tabs you want, delete the tabs that were duplicated, move the content from the previous to the lower tab panel and finally resize the tab panel just enough to drag into the main tab panel.

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