Boolean Formatting For FileMaker Number Fields

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I have to say that formatting a number as a Boolean value is not something I’ve ever done in a production database. Once this came up as a term for my FileMaker Term Of The Day blog, I was forced to take a solid look at this option.

Normally, when you see a number field on a layout and you choose the Number formatting option, it is because the number value is a currency related value and you want to show the result as such. This can change based upon the currency type per country the database is used in, so in my case it has always been in dollars and cents.

The Boolean formatting option is one of the number formatting options available to a developer. Once you choose this option, you can pick between two more selections of “Show non-zeros as” and “show zeros as”.

So we are basically saying that anything other than a zero in a field is one thing and a zero is another. This includes the aspect that an empty field is NOT the same as a field that has a zero. So if you choose to the option to format a number field as Boolean and stay with the default option of ...

Show non-zeros as Yes
Show zeros as No

a 1 value in the field will show Yes
a 2 value in the field will show Yes
a 0 value in the field will show No
no value at all will not show a thing

Here is an example file that will allow you to experiment with different options.The example file can be downloaded at ...

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