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We were introduced to layout tabs with FileMaker 8. FileMaker tabs allow you to see and control multiple layers in a FileMaker layout by clicking familiar tab looking icons. At first, this was viewed by many as a quirky little feature that didn’t merit much attention. Shortly after that, designing FileMaker layouts using tab panels was a driving force for users to upgrade from FileMaker 7 to FileMaker 8.

You can add, rename and rearrange tab panels with great ease. The tabs themselves can be rounded or square in appearance. The tabs can also be justified to the left, to the right, to the center or expand fully to fill the tab panel evenly. Currently, all the rage is using square tabs and full justification.

With FileMaker 8.5, FMI decided to add some more features to its new and wildly popular layout tool. First, we were given the ability to set which of the tabs you created in a tab panel would be the default selected tab when navigating to that layout. Before this enhancement, the last active tab panel chosen when in layout mode became the default tab panel when returning to browse mode. In layouts that were being tweaked LIVE, this became a problem if a developer forgot to go back to the preferred tab when they were finished with their layout update.

Here you can see the pop up menu to select which of the tabs is the default tab.

Another nice feature that was added was the tab width settings. This includes the options of including a margin to the tab width around the tab text, using the width of the largest tab text label as the default width of all the tabs, a minimum of setting or a fixed width of setting.

Here you can see the tab width options available to you.
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