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One of the first things that new users discover ( and love ) about FileMaker is how easy it is to create layouts for data entry forms, lists, tables (kinda like a spreadsheet view) and of course reports. When we mention layouts, we mean the screens the user views information or the screens that a user prints information out.

A layout is made up of parts, much like an egg is made up of a shell, a yolk and an egg white. Each part has it’s purpose and you can mix and match the parts to meet your specific needs. There are a few rules in place in where you can place the layouts, such as you cannot put a footer part above a header part. FileMaker makes adherence to this rules very easy because it won’t let you break them. Trying to do so, simply doesn’t work.

These different layout parts can have objects within their borders commonly referred to as layout objects. These objects can be fields, buttons, text, graphics and other FileMaker specific objects. Some objects will behave differently depending on which layout part they reside within ... and ... we should mention that a layout object should not straddle 2 or more layout parts.

So as you can imagine, a saved FileMaker Pro database screen that may contain fields, pictures, objects or a combination thereof. A FileMaker database layout can have password protection applied to it to prevent unauthorized editing. Layout information can be captured behind the scenes using the Get family of functions and/or the Design family of functions. This means aspects of the layouts can be calculated and those calculations can be used in fields or scripted actions such as navigation.

For example, you can calculate what layout you are on and then the script decides what to do or where to go based upon that information.

So this is the quick highlight of what a layout is and some of what it can do. Look for more information on this topic because layout design is very flexible and diverse.

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