Multiple Ways To Enter Into FileMaker Layout Mode

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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FileMaker offers its users a number of ways to switch from one mode to another. Here is a quick recap of the methods to enter into layout mode.

1. From Under The View Menu
Under the View menu, you will see that you can enter into all four possible modes and each has a keyboard shortcut. The keyboard shortcut for layout mode is control L (Windows) or command L (Macintosh).

I should also mention that if you add a security layer that does not allow the user to perform layout design, none of these options will work.

2. From The Mode Buttons In The Status Area
The status area looks and behaves differently in all 4 FileMaker modes. This area is found on the left side of the FileMaker screen. It contains navigation tools in browse mode, design tools in layout mode, a find button in find mode and a continue/cancel buttons in preview mode.

At the top of the status area in all four modes are the mode buttons. The third button from the left will put you into layout mode.

3. From The Lower Left Pop Up Menu
On the bottom left area of the FileMaker screen you will find the Zoom control buttons and the show/hide status are button. Just to the right of those controls is a pop up menu that allows you to change modes.

4. Custom Menu (FileMaker Advanced)
FileMaker Advanced allows a developer to create their own custom menus for their FileMaker users. One of the possible options is to create your own menu command for going into layout mode. This allows you to put the command in a different area or assign it a different keyboard shortcut.

Here you can see the custom menu option for Layout mode.

5. No Script Command For Layout Mode
The other three modes (browse, find, preview) have menu commands that can take you into that mode. Unfortunately, you don’t have scripting controls for anything layout mode related. I can understand the mentality of excluding scripting layout design but I can also see some very cool possibilities for a developer to create layout design scripted routines.
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