Restricting Available Views For a FileMaker Layout

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In the layout setup dialog box (accessed in layout menu from under the layout menu), you can choose from three different tabs. These tabs are General, Views and Printing.

FYI... these buttons are considered tabs by most developers but they do not look like traditional tabs at all. Tabs are supposed to be akin to the tabs you would find on a manilla folder in a file cabinet. However, the digital meaning of a tab is beginning to have a life of its own. So be prepared when you read documentation regarding the clicking a tab, it may be referring to something that looks more like a button but behaves like a digital tab. Now back to our FileMaker discussion, already in progress ....

The views tab in the layout setup allows you to turn off a particular view for a particular layout. This is used to prevent the users, with the thought processes of “wonder what will happen if I”, from doing something that will confuse them later on.

For example, you might create a FileMaker layout that serves as a dialog box window. The user clicks a button, a new window is created that goes to a layout for detailed data entry for a particular area and then closes the window when the user clicks the submit button. This type of layout would always be viewed in Form View. It would be distracting in List View and virtually unusable in Table View. Potentially, a user with access to the View menu could change their view from what the developer intended to something that confuses the user.

So a developer can turn off the ability to go to a different view on a layout by layout basis. This isn’t something that I would worry about too much but it is something to toss into your “good to know” knowledge base.
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