The Locking And Grouping Of FileMaker Layout Objects

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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I’ve described working with a FileMaker layout many times as working on a canvas but I would like to describe it a totally different way in regards to locking and grouping objects. In this case, I’d like to describe the FileMaker layout as a refrigerator. If you can think of a FileMaker layout as a refrigerator, you can think of layout objects as refrigerator magnets. Layout objects can be moved around the surface of a refrigerator or even taken off the refrigerator.

Now imagine if you really like one of the magnets in one particular place, you click a button and it is locked there. The magnet cannot be moved from that place on the refrigerator. Unlocking the magnet is a process of clicking the same button again. This is sort of similar to locking a layout object on a layout.

Now put your imagination hat on again and imagine that you want to group some of the magnets together. This way you can move just one member of the group and the entire group moves together as one. You have the same button type that allows you to group and ungroup your magnets as you did to lock them into place. This is sort of similar to grouping layout objects.

Yes, you can also group and then lock layout objects as well. In fact, that leads to a quick mention that you will notice that sometimes some of the menu commands are grayed out occasionally. For example, you cannot group and ungroup an object at the same time. So if the selection is a set of grouped objects, only the Ungroup menu command is available.

You can create subgroups of grouped objects as well. You can group some objects, then select them and then group them with other objects. When you go to ungroup them, you will notice the command will only undo the last grouping. The grouping before it is still in place unless your perform the ungroup command again.

If you try to do something such as ungroup a set of locked objects, FileMaker will show you a dialog box like the one below.

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