Follow Up - FileMaker 10 Saved Finds And Custom Menus

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
Certified FileMaker Developer

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So InBizness has a large amount of FileMaker custom menu implementation and it took me a moment to figure out how to blend in this new FileMaker 10 feature. Every layout that the user goes to has a custom menu and they are consistent in their look / operation.

Here you can see the menu commands for the clients module and the invoice module. The only difference for each module is the second menu set. This is a menu that is customized for the modules you are in. So in the Clients module, the menu set is called Clients and has client related actions available. In the Invoice module, the menu set is called Invoices and has invoicing related actions available. This is the same for all the modules within InBizness, so they can have targeted unique options.

Under my General menu, I have all the traditional menus you would find with FileMaker. They are simply moved from the top to the General menu and work like sub-menus. In find mode, the requests sub-menu item is available to you.

At first, I thought I’d put my FileMaker 10 saved finds sub-menu under the Requests menu. But that only shows up in Find mode and it makes sense for this sub-menu to be there in Browse mode. This saves the user from going into find mode first. So I added it to both areas. When I did my testing, I noticed an odd behavior.

In browse mode, choosing a saved find option performs the find. In find mode, choosing a saved find only inserts the saved find criteria. It does not perform the find. I’m sure that is in the documentation somewhere but I must have missed that. Because the behavior may be confusing to my customers, I removed the saved find sub-menu from the Requests menu.

A couple versions ago, I started adding some saved searches custom menus to compliment my report custom menus. So you can quickly run a search or a report within a module (other than) the one you are in currently. I know that the FileMaker 10 Saved Searches is table dependent. I doubt there is any way to see the FileMaker 10 saved searches for a module other than the one you are in.

So I decide to add the saved finds sub-menu to the bottom of my Searches menu. It will show any of the Saved / Recent finds for the current module just fine and it seems to make sense being there.

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