Matching FileMaker Record Imports Explored

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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When you choose the “update matching records” option on an import routine, you are telling FileMaker that you want to import data into existing records based upon a match between specified fields (from source to destination).

The Update Matching Records In Current Found Set option is a variation of the Replace Data In The Current Found Set option and can be used as part of an import synchronization process. The variation lies in the ability of FileMaker to update only the records in the destination table that have a match from the source table. How does it know the records are a match? You define what fields are the match criteria right from the import dialog box.

So when a record in the import (source) matches a record in the destination table, the record in the destination table is updated. To set a field as a match field, click the area between the two fields in the import mapping dialog box until the double arrow icon appears there.

Along with the Update Matching Records In Current Found Set is a check box to Add Remaining Records. When this is checked, any non-matching records from the source table are added as new records in the destination table.

This isn’t your garden variety import setting but can be perfect for some special workgroup needs. In most cases, you will use a situation where you have a unique matching record on both sides of the fence (source and destination). If you don’t have unique records based upon the match fields, you get a few unique behaviors. If you don’t have unique records on the destination side, all the destination match records are updated. If you don’t have unique records on the source side, the match will be updated multiple times, the final result will be the data within the last matching record.

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