Saved And Recent Finds Explored

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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Before the release of FileMaker 10, you only had two possible options for saving a find. You could create a button right after a find and assigned it a Perform Find event. The more common method was to create a script with a Perform Find step that memorized the find settings.

With FileMaker Pro 10, we have some new options. The primary search feature is called “A Saved Find” and allows a users to save their own individualized search routines.

Here you can see the Perform Find option for a newly created button.

Here you can see the Perform Find script step in a newly created script.

Here you can see the Save Current Find option, that is part of the FileMaker 10 status bar!


Now I’m not going to invest any time describing the basics or the process. This is because our good friends at FileMaker have provided us a tutorial movie (about 4 minutes and 30 seconds in duration) that covers saved finds completely. By all means, check it out at the following link ...

FileMaker 10 knows what you were looking for and displays this in a Recent Finds menu category. This is fantastic when you want to run the same script but don’t necessarily want to save the find. Speaking of saved finds, you can save a find routine of your own. A saved find can be used again and again and it is linked to you personally. So the finds you saved and special for your use.

FileMaker even knows the table you are using for the find. That prevents Saved Find options showing up on layouts or modules in which that search doesn’t make any sense. FileMaker really thought this through and it certainly raises possibilities for a better searching experience.

The light gray magnifying glass icons on each field in Find mode is also a nice touch of craftsmanship by the FileMaker team at FileMaker Inc.

After looking at this feature long and hard, I’d have to say that I’m both impressed and disappointed. I like the functionality but the delivery of the functionality has some serious “real world” flaws for some of us. The dependence upon the status bar is going to be one challenge for me and I’m have some Custom Menu behaviors that are doing me no good at all.

I’ll blog about that separately. I’m sure that in most cases, there is a simple tweak that I have to do here or there. There are also some neat opportunities for saved finds and how it plays in with the new Dynamic Reports feature of FileMaker 10. All in all, pretty exciting stuff will be coming down the pike for FileMaker 10 design!

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