A READER ASKS: Last FileMaker Portal Row Isn’t A New One

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In my own solution I set up the relation between two tables without allowing the creation of records in the child table. Via a script I make a new record. The problem I encounter is that the script step 'Go to portal row - last' selects the last row, but I want it to select a new row where I can fill in the new data.

I hope you understand my problem and perhaps you can give me a clue to solve it.

You cannot create new records via a portal without having the “allow the creation of new records” option active in the relationship. So if you create a new record via a script, you will need to make sure the related record has the primary key data. So the script will likely ...

- put the parent records primary key field data into a variable
- go to the related table layout and create the new record
- set the foreign key data using the variable / commit the record
- go back to the parent table (possibly refresh the screen)
- go to the last portal row and the appropriate field for data entry
- enter in the new data

NOTE: If the relationship or the portal has sorting in place, the target row may not be the last portal. Chances are that it is either the first row or the last one. You will want to make sure and perform a number of tests.

Now if the problem persists, here are some possible culprits ...

- the key id from the parent table isn't coming over properly
- the fields in the portal are not from the same relationship as the portal
- the fields behavior setting does not allow you to click into the field
- the fields security settings do not allow editing
- the foreign key field cannot accept new data (calculation field)
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