Creating A FileMaker Layout Specifically For Searches

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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There is little debate how quick, easy and intuitive FileMakers find operations perform. Once you get the hang of it, you can only wonder why all databases don’t work this way. However, that is the key, most databases do not perform finds like FileMaker does. Most databases ( and applications with search capabilities for that matter ) tend to take you to a dedicated search screen or pop up search window.

You may come across the occasion to add a customized search window in your FileMaker solution. By using layouts, calculations, relationships and scripts, you can have your solution perform finds in it’s own window environment.

Normally, this requires creating a layout special for searches, in fact you may even want to give that layout that name. On the layout, you can place all the fields you think the user would use in a search. You may want to make the layout look different than the data entry layout. This can provide the user a visual indication they are in a Search type of environment. The user has a button that they press to perform the actual find related script. The script detects any found matches and takes the user back to the form layout if it finds matches. You can even add more logic by using the Get(FoundCount) function. You can have the script go to a form layout is only one record is found and go to a list layout if multiple matching records are found.

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