Developer Controls For FileMaker Images In Container Fields

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FileMaker container fields can hold a variety of file types and one of those types is a picture. You can insert a picture (and QuickTime movies) into a container field so that the image itself can be seen within the field. You can insert an image from under the insert menu or via a contextual (right click) of the container field. Under these conditions, you can also have a degree of control in how that image or movie is displayed within that field.

Here you can see that I’ve right clicked a container field and I have the associated set of insert options for that field type.

You can bring up the Graphic Format dialog box while you are in Layout mode by clicking into that field and choosing that option from under the Format menu or you can right click the graphic field to bring up the Graphic option there as well.

Here you can see the Graphic command as accessed from under the Format menu in layout mode.

There are two overall basic controls, how the image is scaled and how the image is aligned. Scaling is used to crop, enlarge or reduce the displayed image. Alignment controls are used to adjust the vertical and horizontal position of the image.

Part of the control you have over displayed images in container fields is the ability to automatically scale the picture to ...

Crop - show only what can fit into the established size of the container field. This can be tweaked by using the auto resize anchors in the Object Info Palette. Cropping the image within the field will remove elements of the picture based upon how the field is aligned within the field (left, center, right) or (top, center, bottom).

Reduce - larger images are reduced to fit into the size of the field

Enlarge - smaller images are enlarged to fit into the size of the field

Reduce or Enlarge - toggles depending on the size of the picture and the size of the field. Larger images are reduced to fit into the size of the field or smaller images are enlarged to fit into the size of the field.

As you might have guessed, you vertical controls are top, middle and bottom and your horizontal controls are left, center and right. These can play a more important part depending on your selected scaling and auto resize options.

Remember that FileMaker 9 does allow you to auto resize your layout objects and this might change your placement of your container fields and the settings you apply to them.

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