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From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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For way too many years, FileMaker developers had to struggle with a one window per FileMaker file limitation. With the introduction of FileMaker 7, that is no longer the case and the options available to the inventive FileMaker developer are both wide and deep. So you can bring up an almost unlimited number of windows that show a layout in different views, sizes and locations on the computer screen. Like so many great features in FileMaker, you can activate the New Window feature in many ways including a menu command, a script step or a button action.

Now when you use the New Window menu command, you have no control over where the new window will appear on the screen, its size or the title of the window. However, it is a quick click and drag to move or resize the window. Now when the New Window command is executed via a script step or button action, you can exert more control over the new window. This is done via a specify button that brings up the Window Options dialog box.

So now that we have the hamster on the wheel, you might start to imagine the possibilities. As I write my blog posts, I often have two windows open on the same layout but on different records. This allows me to search what I’ve already written about a topic as I explore a different aspect of it in a fresh blog. I also will build a found set of records that help fill in the gaps of a discussed post and insert the web links from those discussions. This is all done with multiple windows open within the same FileMaker file and sometimes those windows are even on different monitors!

In my InBizness product, I often use the New Window feature to bring up windows that look like dialog boxes for data entry, to show a set of related records with a GTRR command or even show a report total for the current found set of the original window. I have never used a new window to show a graph of related data but I’m seriously considering integrating that type of feature in my framework products.

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