Import Records And FileMaker Script Breakage

From Dwayne Wright PMP
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Many of us love the copy and paste script feature in FileMaker Advanced but it isn’t always fool proof. In most cases, if the pasted script has problems, you can quickly see it within the script. However, that isn’t necessarily the case with the Import Records script step.

When you paste a script from one file to the next, if FileMaker doesn’t see a layout, field, sub script, etc... that it needs, you will generally see an [unknown] tag somewhere. However, if a field is missing from an import order, it can throw off a portion of or your entire import order in the script. You don’t see this on the surface glance of the script, so it can appear to be just fine.

I have heard it mentioned that adding new fields or deleting fields in the source table can affect your import field mapping process as well. So the advice of testing all imported or pasted script steps holds particularly true if the scripts themselves have the Import script step within them.
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