A READER ASKS: Adding Hours To A FileMaker Time Field

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A READER ASKS: Just got a quick question for you. I found your name via a Google search for FileMaker Calculations.

I'd like to take a field that gives me the start time of an event, add the number of hours of the event and return a value that's the end time of the event.

Start time (Time field) = 13:15
Hours (Calc field returning a number) = 1.25
Therefore, End time would be 14:30

Do you have a calculation that would do that?

DWAYNE RESPONDS: Sure, you will want to use the Time function to separate the data into hour, minute and second parameters. Then within those parameters, you use your hour, minute and second functions and add values respectively.

Time( hours ; minutes ; seconds )

then would be become

Time( hours(start time) + add hours ; minutes(start time) ; seconds(start time) )

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