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Scripts are the movers and the shakers in a FileMaker database solution. A script is generally used in association with a button on a layout to perform such tasks as printing, navigation, setting data inside of a field and countless other possibilities. In more robust FileMaker solutions, scripts can be called upon from menu commands at the top of the FileMaker window, when exiting a field (with a help of a plug-in), from a robot (not kidding) or a variety of other options. In fact, the landscape of how and when scripts are called upon is always changing.

Going back to my mention of scripts performing tasks as printing, navigation, setting data inside of a field, you don't have to write an individual script for each of these individual tasks. You can have one script perform all these tasks. One script could (and often does)...

- Set a field to a specific value
- Go to a specific layout
- Print under a set of desired specifications
- Set a field to a totally different value
- Go to a specific layout (perhaps the original, perhaps not)

This is because a script is actually composed of a set of script steps. You organize selected script steps in order (from top to bottom) and FileMaker will execute them in that order. This is nice because many other database products make you code your scripts in a pure text editor. FileMaker is more of a point, click and shoot design experience. Pretty logical don't you think?

So in summary, a script is a set of actions that you want a FileMaker database to perform. The set of actions need to be arranged with the first things at the top of the list and the following scripts in order as you venture towards the end of the script.

Actually, that is not a summary of scripts at all ... it’s just a start. Scripts can perform tests and branch accordingly. Scripts can be made to pause for a duration or until a user enters in data.

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