EXAMPLE: Duplicating A FileMaker Found Set Via An Array In Memory

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I have covered script variables, data concatenation and data parsing. In this example, we are going to combine these features to duplicate a found set of records and go to the duplicated records after the script is run.

In this example, I have three fields for data. One is a person name field, one is a type field and one is a the date the person was called. What I want to do is do a find, duplicate the found set of records and call them again. I did set the date field to auto entry nothing. This is done so that when I duplicate the record, the date field is empty.

FYI... normally I would have a contacts table and a calls table. I have just the one table now for demonstration purposes.

So in my example file, I have four fictional characters I want to call. All three are the alter egos of super hero characters and I want to call them for some purpose. I will leave it up to your imagination if it is an evil or good purpose (grin). So I will do a find for the type of fictional.

Now my script is going to run and here are the comments I’ve made within the script. See if you can follow along with the logic.

FIRST LOOP - copy records ids into array
SECOND LOOP - duplicate records individually
GTRR Newly Duplicates Via Global Data

In summary, I’m capturing all the records in the found set into a script variable. I’m then finding each record one at a time, duplicating, removing that original record from the list of records I said I was going to duplicate, adding the duplicated record to another list and then repeating the process until I have duplicated all the records in that set. Since I have captured the record ids of all the records I duplicated, I create a found set of those by using a GTRR.

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here).


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