Adding Fields And Other Objects To A FileMaker Portal

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The next step is to add the fields, text or buttons to the first row of the portal. Whatever object is placed into the first row of the portal, will appear in all the rows that the portal uses. It is important that any object that you want in the portal fits into that first row. If an object strays past the portal row lines, that object will not appear in the other rows of the portal.

To add a field, drag a field from the status area into the first row of the portal. Most folks with take the field label that appears to the left of the new field and put it above the field. You can have the field label in the portal row however the label would take up valuable space in the portal row in every related record. We should also mention that a field label is not necessary. You can have as many fields as can fit in a portal without any labels at all.

Next, you can add any other object that you want to show in each portal row including buttons, text or even graphics. For example, a common technique to delete a portal row of information is to put a small trash icon in the portal row. This button is linked to the delete portal row script step or goes to the related file, deletes the record and returns. Once again, make sure that any object you put into the first portal row fits within the row, otherwise it will not function properly.

FYI... for portals that are for display only, you may want to disable the users ability to click inside of the fields in a portal. This is done by going into layout mode, clicking on the field, choose Field Format option and deselect the option to allow entry into the field.

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