Basic Thoughts About FileMaker Security

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
Certified FileMaker Developer

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Databases, these days, are sophisticated information engines and have carefully planned protection schemes. These schemes are used to keep databases running smoothly. Databases also need to plan for the "your eyes only" type of protection. This protection is used to limit access to the users of a curious nature to those that are trying to gain unauthorized access to information. As you start planning your security protection needs, it is best to define what your objectives are in both areas of data integrity and access level restrictions.

Security is a sensitive issue, to say the least. I will strive with enthusiasm to cover topics to help a developer design a reasonably secure FileMaker solution. This includes topics such as ...

- Security features provided by FileMaker, such as accounts and privileges

- features that you can design using calculations, scripts & relationships

- features available from premier third party vendors

- finally, combination plate approach of all of the above

I'd also like to mention that database secure design is more of a frame of mind than a checklist. It is a continuing education process and this is simply a resource to help you. This resource will likely not cover all the security you may want or need. In fact, I doubt any publication could cover all security related topics you would like to know, no matter how much money and resources were used to create it.

This is information is designed to aid the FileMaker 7 database designer. By designers, we are primarily thinking about developers in the corporate marketplace, developers for hire and developers that make solutions that are sold in a package ( like an accounting system ). We tried to incorporate a soup to nuts approach. We start off by covering the most basic information for the benefit of beginners and then build from there.

Each FileMaker solution is different and unique. Some of this information can be used to make one thing more secure but it might affect other areas of your FileMaker solution. The most secure implementation of a FileMaker 7 solution is one that compliments a well thought out security system using FileMaker’s accounts and privileges.

Using this information, we are hoping to help you achieve a perfect balance between security and productivity in your FileMaker database solutions.

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