Broken FileMaker Relationships Due To Missing File

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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A FileMaker relationship is designed to link one table to another table (except in some places where the other table is the same table and this is called a self relationship). In some cases, the other table may be located in another file and FileMaker uses a system called External Data Sources. This is one of the options you have available to you under the Manage menu.

So when FileMaker needs to use a relationship that involves an external file, it will attempt to open the related file automatically. This can happen when you go to a layout that has a related field, a calculation using a relationship or a portal. Since FileMaker knows that it will need that data to show the screen properly, it attempts to open the related file automatically. If FileMaker cannot find the file, you will get an error message that leads you to the define relationship dialog box.

Normally, you can fix this problem by telling FileMaker where the related file is currently via the define relationships dialog box. If possible, it is always best for FileMaker is two files that related are on the same folder.

This error can come up in a number of different situations but is most common when a file has been moved, renamed or missing. Some other conditions I've seen the problem come up are ...

- the related file is normally on the network and currently is not on the network

- the related file is normally on the network but the user is not on the network

- some changes have been done to the network firewall and the host can no longer see the shared file

- the relationship was setup for a file on a removable disk and that disk is not in the removable drive

- the computers hard disk has some directory damage and FileMaker cannot see the file

- some of the files are still in an older FileMaker format such as FileMaker 6

- the FileMaker file itself is damaged and needs recovery

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