A READER ASKS: New Field That Combines Two Existing Fields

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A READER ASKS: (actually it was a twitter post)
Trying to figure out how to create new field that combines two existing fields in FileMaker Pro 9. Anyone know how?

Actually, it is quite easy, you will want to make a calculation field and use the concatenate operator between the field. This connects or concatenates two text strings or fields. together.

Field A & Field B

So if field A contains the word “dog” and field B contains the word “cats”. This would give you “dogcats”. Now if you want to have a space in between, put in some literal text with a space such between the quote marks such as ...

Field A & “ “ & Field B

and that would give you “dog cats”.

Here you can see that I’ve highlighted the concatenate operator. The calculation is used to build slap together a company name field, add a hyphen and and then the name of the contact.

I added some IsEmpty branches just in case either the company name or contact fields are empty and I don’t have a dangling hyphen.

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