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Recently, I wanted to have a listing of the cool text formatting functions for a project I was working on. The super custom function site at doesn’t have much in the way of organization options and its search capabilities are pretty basic. So I made a listing myself and then thought I might as well share the list to you via a blog. So here you go!



ActualLineCount ( Text ; CharsPerLine )
Jonathan Stark, Jonathan Stark Consulting -
Determine if text is overflowing field bounds on layout.


CaseStatus ( theText )
Michael Pease, KPM
Determines if text is all upper case, all lower case, or mixed case (ignoring non a-Z chars)


GetFontFamily( text )
Joe Gold, Angel City Data -
Returns the font of a text


GetFontStyle( text )
Joe Gold, Angel City Data -
returns style of a text


GetStyledWords ( text ; style )
Daniele Raybaudi, ACI -
Returns all the styled words ( in list view ) within the given text


RemoveDuplicates ( Text )
Andrew Persons, Excelisys -
Removes duplicate values from a value list.

Supertrim ( text )
Debi Fuchs, Aptworks Consulting -
Speedily (and with no recursion) remove leading and trailing white space (including spacing, tabs and returns) from a text string.

Trim4 ( text )
Ray Cologon, NightWing Enterprises -
Removes *all* leading and trailing white space from the supplied text, including tabs, carriage returns, spaces and non-breaking spaces.

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