FileMaker Security Vs Productivity

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In this authors opinion, it’s best to strike a balance between productivity and security. This is best done by investigating both of these needs before you get too deep in designing your FileMaker solution. By all means, use the security tools provided to you by FileMaker within the FileMaker application. The correct use of accounts, privilege sets and extend privileges has to be the foundation of your security efforts in protecting your FileMaker solutions.

Security settings in a database can become a double edged sword. It is my opinion ( and I’m probably not alone with this opinion ) security and productivity have an inverse relationship by default. Any increase in security is likely to have some decrease in productivity. Any significant change to increase productivity will likely open the door to a new risk in security liability.

So I implore you to read all the secure design discussions you can find before rushing into implementing a security implementation in your solution. Read, ponder on what you read, plan a security implementation strategy, build a test module, test it and when all that goes well ... implement it. You may even want to revisit the steps of reading, planning and testing in mature database systems. Not only do things change in the business world but you may have missed a needed security setting the first time around.

Many times, this isn't possible for FileMaker 7 database needs. FileMaker is such an easy product to learn and so powerful to use ... you may feel the need to make security a second tier priority. If this is your situation, do not feel discouraged. I would suggest learning as much as you can about your databases security needs, try to test all your security related features before implementation and communicate the changes the best you can to your users.
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