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I am trying to find duplicate records. I am in “find” mode in my database, and I have put the ! in the last name field. But nothing is turning up and the manual is not helping! What am I doing wrong????

Well, it is possible that you do not have any duplicates in the last name field. Now if you are looking at two records that say “Smith” it is possible a trailing space or carriage return might be goobering up your results. Just looking at the last name field, the following might look like duplicates ...


“Smith “ (has a space at the end)

“Smith (has a carriage return at the end)

If this is the case, we are talking about a need to do some data cleaning. All of these can be cleaned by using the Replace Records command. Make sure you backup your database before doing any replace command because there is no undo.

However, using the replace command with a calculated result of LeftWords ( LastName ; 1000 ) should do the trick.

Basically, we are saying we want to replace the field with the first 1000 left words that are within it. This is going to put just the words in and the trailing space or carriage are not words. So they do not make it to the final result.
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