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I imported data without thinking (go figure). I created a field (“Date”) and imported data (“1st Qtr. 08”). Unfortunately, it made it impossible to organize chronologically. I now created “Day” “Month” “Year” fields.

Is it possible to create a script so that if any data under the “Day” field that equals “1st Qtr. 08”, upon running the script, data will be entered into the “Year” field as “2008”?

Not a problem and I’m sure there are a dozen different ways to handle this. This is what I used ...

If [ IsEmpty(temp::Year) ]

Replace Field Contents [ temp::Year;

Replace with calculation:

PatternCount ( temp::Date ; "Qtr" ) ≥ 1; "20" & Right(temp::Date; 2);
Year ( GetAsDate ( temp::Date ) )) ]

End If

I put in an IF statement so that we don’t replace year data if it is already there. Then used the Replace command to update all the records in the found set. The replace command uses a calculated value because I wanted to branch the replace if the data had a “QTR” value or a typical date.

PatternCount ( temp::Date ; "Qtr" ) ≥ 1; "20" & Right(temp::Date; 2)

PatternCount is used to see if a pattern appears in a piece of text. Here we are saying if QTR appears just once, take the right two characters and place them behind “20” literal text.

If the text pattern of “Qtr” does not appear, I’m assuming a date value is there and I’m extracting the Year information by using the Year function.
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