Remembering What FileMaker Portal Data Is ( GTRR )

From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
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It might help you to understand the options you have in printing your portals, if you take a moment to think about what portal data really is ... related records in a child table. If you did a find for all the related records that are in a portal, they would show up in a list ... correct? Couldn’t you just print that list in a layout that is associated with the child table? What about the information that is not in the portal? If you are in the child file, how can you show the parent files information?

In effect, switching the general roles for the printing process ... the parent becomes the child and the child becomes the parent. If you did that, couldn’t you just show the related fields from the original parent file? You betcha!

You can script the printing event and tie it to a button on the layout. As with many limitations you may encounter with FileMaker, ScriptMaker can become the most wonderful duct tape. Since you are going to run a script to print a layout that has a portal, you will want to think about the Print menu command that is available under the File menu.

There is (at least) two different ways to go here. You can have a button on the layout to do the printing and hope your users do not use the Print menu command (or its associated keyboard shortcut).

The other option is for developers using a copy of FileMaker Advanced. In this setup you can rewire the menu print command to run your script instead.
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